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Escola Técnica Agrícola “Astor de Mattos Carvalho”
Rod. SP 293 Km 04 Bairro Restinga - Zona Rural
Cabrália Paulista - SP
Tel: 55 (14) 3285-1210 – 3285-1147
Who are we ? 

Given the need for further research application to foster studies on global warming and climate change, the State Technical School Astor de Mattos Carvalho articulated the installation of the Integrated Disaster Alert (CIADEN), the result of Technical Cooperation Protocol Scientific signed between the Institute for Space Research (INPE) in São José dos Campos, State Center of Technological Education Paula Souza (CEETEPS), the State Coordinator of Civil Defence and the Municipality of Cabrália Paulista, through its Coordinator of Civil Defense COMDEC, bringing together the three spheres of government, municipal, state and federal aiming higher and only to ensure the best service and protection for the local and regional population.(visit our brochure - in Portuguese)

With the establishment of the Center for Integrated Disaster Alert (CIADEN), which uses technology derived from the Space Research Institute (INPE), the platform Monitoring, Analysis and Environmental Alert Extremes (TerraMA2), we hope to increase social benefits for Brazilian society, creating new products, able to meet the new services that are oriented, since its inception, around the scientific and technological innovation as a means of network operation as a model and the direct social benefit as a result.
In 2012, the CIADEN obtained a license to access the satellite system of the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and receive real-time weather images via an antenna itself to be acquired by Centro Paula Souza and installed in the center. The acquisition of these images will be used to develop several applications, and meteorology and weather forecasting, such as agriculture.
With the free acquisition of images of the system EUMESAT the CIADEN will be able to become a center for research development and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in the areas of GIS, environment, climate change, climate monitoring and alerting, education and geosciences .


- Monitor real-time extreme weather events and alert as to whether these affect areas with some environmental vulnerability;
- Encourage technical-scientific research on climate change (global warming);
- Strengthen local initiatives in the area of ??monitoring of forest areas and warning of natural disasters;
- Set Pilot Project involving the specification, design, development, implementation and monitoring of GIS applications for use in systems of collection, analysis and dissemination of spatial data;
- Alert civil defense on natural disasters;
- Alerting farmers hailstorms;
- Monitoring regional climate.

Research and Development 

In the pedagogical aspect, the CIADEN is an essential tool for teaching science to middle school students and provides technical and research structure and professional development in the areas of GIS, meteorology and environmental. It is also a training unit preventive techniques to members of the civil defense of municipalities and a center of reference and guidance for climate agricultural activities of the entire central region of São Paulo.
After we put the Etec Astor de Mattos Carvalho in the center of reference in technical-scientific research of the National Bioenergy Center through Embrapa Experimental Bioenergy, pioneering research project that gained prominence in the Brazilian media, becoming a national and international , brought to Cabrália Paulista other respected research institution, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) now to enter our Etec at the epicenter of a research project built on the platform of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC / UN) to monitor the causes and the effects of global warming in Brazil and worldwide.
Thus, teachers and students of Etec Astor de Mattos Carvalho, will have a unique opportunity to participate and historical research of the latest generation developed by INPE, respected research institution's technical and scientific strategic thinking and planning Brazilian and world. Both the design and the Embrapa CIADEN / INPE are researches that are inserted on two fronts prominent world today: bioenergy and global warming.


The realization of this center was established with critical support from the following contributors:




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